Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The always controversial Sanity Squad has a new podcast up at BlogTalkRadio. The fab four discuss the recent votes in Russia and Venezuela. We offer up some pretty interesting thoughts and ideas on Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez and what distinguishes those strongmen and their respective nations.

Siggy notes:
Democracy is a curious animal. Recent votes in Venezuela and Russia proved just that.

In Russia, a strong man leader was elected because he campaigned as a reform minded democrat who was determined to bolster the economy. Vladimir Putin’s only election challenge came from former Communists.

In Venezuela, a strong man leader was rebuffed because he was determined to deprive people of their democratic rights and to establish a socialist regime- with himself at the helm, of course.

One leader is reasserting his nation’s power. The other leader is a buffoon, a laughingstock who embarrassed his nation and democratic principles.

Join Siggy, ShrinkWrapped, Neo, and me for some psychological and political analysis of Hugo's and Vladimir's recent encounters with democracy.

Click on the link below to listen:

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