Tuesday, May 15, 2007


You just couldn't find a better collection of everything that the left stands for these days and how they stereotype those who disagree with them by using the same-old tired marxist rhetoric. Andy Singer has collected all their dogma in one astute cartoon (though I don't think he meant it to be interpreted that way) :

Let's recap the key points that are in this lovely psychological projection above, with its overt paranoid fantasies about Republicans, shall we? We can safely conclude that if this is really what the left thinks are the basic constituents of the Republican party then, going from left to right...

  • The left enthusiastically supports and shills for all the wonderful socialist/collectivist dictators who abrogate personal freedoms and persecute dissidents, and send their country's economies into the toilet; all of which lead to incalculable human misery and despair--i.e., thugs like Fidel Castro; Hugo Chavez; Evo Morales; Mahmoud Ahmadinajad; Kim Jung Il etc. etc.
  • They believe that anyone who opposes illegal immigration must be a Nazi (do they even realize that a "nazi" is a socialist, I wonder??) ; and furthermore, that only whites oppose illegal immigration and, while they are in favor of "multiculturalism" and "diversity"; and firmly believe that all cultures and people are equally good-- the one exception to this moral relativism is Western culture (and their predominantly white male members) which is uniquely evil and is absolutely responsible for all the evil in the world;
  • They are rabidly anti-business in the true Marxist sense; because anyone who goes into business is determined to exploit those weaker than themselves and oppress them by paying them wages and allowing them to earn a living (therefore, it is necessary to supress any positive economic news which might make people begin to think about how wealth is created; and that poverty and misery have a cure--and that it is not by following their ideology)
  • They are the ones who believe that birth control, abortion and gays are the only important social issues; the litmus test of ideological purity; and if you don't agree with their position on these subjects then you are a bigoted religious fanatic;
  • They are fiercely anti-capitalist (see "anti-business" bullet) because in their view, capitalism "exploits the poor" even though it magically creates wealth that improves the lot of all people--"magically" because the left can't understand that wealthy originate from free minds and free markets;
  • They are "principled" anti-semites, because it is clear to them that all Jews who are not on the left, or who support Israel are "ultrazionist" monsters who exploit the poor Palestinian peoples (see multicultural bullet) ;
  • They must really despise the fact that the Saudis have been funding Jimmy Carter for decades-NOT. But this particularly onerous contradictory discourse is exactly the sort of everyday hypocrisy thatflows naturally from the mouthpieces of the left on a regular basis;
  • They really really hate the military and those who enter military service and disguise this hatred (as they have done since the 1950's) as some sort of principled opposition to business and capitalism (see previous bullets); and, no matter what the military does, or in which direction they change--it's wrong. But, don't forget that the left supports the troops; the little guys, not the officers ; except of course when they portray even the little guys as evil, torturing "oppressors";
  • And last but not least; they really really hate anyone who dares to abandon the whole marxist world view where you can only be a "victim" or an "oppressor";and, thinking for themselves, begin to realize that they are not being oppressed by the capitalist system, take responsibility for their own life and success--thus leaving the ranks of "oppressed victims" that are essential to keep the left's house of cards standing.

    Does all this sound vaguely familiar to you? It should. It is the same old Marxist/socialist/communist bullshit we've been innundated with for decades by the proponents of that pathetic ideology who simply won't go away and leave the human race alone. These people are so out of touch with reality they will cling to their socialist fantasies even if it kills us.

    Which it certainly is doing.

    This perversion of intelligent thought--which has resulted in more human death and misery; more suffering and oppression; more subjugation and destruction of individual freedom; and more poverty and hopelessness than is even remotely conceivable under the auspices of it's arch-enemy, capitalism--remains like a lingering malignancy that hides in the bloodstream and plagues the human species long after its necrotizing tumors have been surgically excised. This cancer of socialism drains away all the vital energy that makes us human, and perverts all the goodness of which humans are capable.

    It feeds on envy and greed and all those aspects of human nature that civilization works to control. Yes, capitalism needs those aspects of human nature to function, too. But capitalism allows the transformation of all those same negative human traits into something positive for each individual as well as for all of humanity; while socialism institutionalizes and encourages the acting out of all that is destructive in human nature.

    Capitalism uses human nature to advance civilization--which benefits all of us.

    What we see in this snapshot of the unadorned, naked left is human nature unencumbered by civilization, progress, or even reality.

    Why do you think they insist on calling themselves the "progressive", "reality-based" community?

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