Thursday, May 31, 2007


If you have been looking for a way to cultivate a taste for the incredible insanity that surrounds us --and who hasn't, considering the cornucopia of insanity that is out there?--then you need look no further than The SC&A Institute's Weekly Whackjob Awards.

The Weekly Whackjobs go to the most unbelievable of idiots; the most out-of-touch- with-reality and the most foolish of mortals; and are awarded every week by a disreputable panel of experts to the most outstanding examples of dysfunction, stupidity, utter ridiculousness and bizarre political idiocy.

Dr. Sanity is always pleased when she can help the psychologically naive develop a connoisseur's palate for the insanity so rampant in our day and age.

There is always the chance that after tasting this remarkable collection of craziness that your re-entry into the real world will be fraught with challenges and stress. Once that bridge to the utopia of insanit is crossed it may be difficult to return unchanged-- but the price of pursuing perfection is always high.

So, consider very carefully if you are the sort of person who is capable of withstanding the subtle and sublime seduction of high-calorie craziness;and if so, then cleanse your palate and go enjoy the feast!

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