Thursday, May 10, 2007


From David Kopel at The Volokh Conspiracy:

"France will not abandon the women who are condemned to the

President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy's first speech to the French nation
concluded with a wonderful endorsement of human rights. (Video

How terribly embarassing for the left, to have Sarkozy take the lead in championing women's rights! How humiliating it must be to cede precious moral highground and the overweening sense of moral righteousness that makes them so superior. And by someone on the politic cal right, no less!!

Possibly it may make them realize that their pretensions of moral superiority are nothing but a sham to cover up the fact that they actually stand for nothing.

Witness the exhibitionistic narcissism of today's feminists who literally and figuratively, have nothing of substance to say--especially about the issue of women's rights. While they are hysterically screaming at Bush to "get out of their ovaries" and leave the poor Islamists alone, people like Sarkozy, who live in the real world, are sending a clear warning to those who actively, and with religious and cultural sanction physically and mentally abuse and subjugate women.

Gosh it must make American feminists swoon.

Instead of prancing about and prattling on about the "evils" of Republicans and conservatives; instead of putting on their keffiahs to show their solidarity with the women-oppressing, homophobic Palestinians; they could actually focus on the most significant abusers of women and girls (not to mention gays) of our time.

Forgive me, but anyone who really thinks that American women are "oppressed" are living in a fantasy world created and marketed by your local marxist grocer. I'm sure their fantasy makes them feel good about themselves and their brave little hissy fits; but while they are busy patting themselves on the back for standing up to a kitten, a lion is about to eat them.

What we need in France and much of Europe; in Iraq and Afghanistan; and anywhere else women are at risk; is a series of "safe" houses for muslim women who wish to escape from their loving husbands and families; and to protect them legally from the politically correct left; who would abandon them to their fate.

These safe houses would be surrounded by heavily armed guards (maybe some women who are willing to fight in the real world for what they believe?) with orders to shoot to kill. The primary function would be to help the woman safely transition--both physically and psychologically-- to civilized society from their barbarian culture/religion that treats them like wild animals or pets; and is so fearful of their sexuality that they feel justified in mutilating their genitals and placing their bodies under cover to obliterate any hit of their evil sexuality.

I venture to say that this truth is far too obvious to penetrate the thick ideological skulls of the bare-breasted protesters shown above.

Such concepts are far too politically incorrect for the brave "champions of the oppressed"; it is much too appropriate, and even more than that, it is too effective. Women of the left are too busy supporting the multicultural dogma that gives these barbarian cultural practices equal status--no, make that superior status-- to Western culture to realize that, as a group, women are not high enough on the socialist food chain to really be concerned about in the real world--unless of course, you can embarass the U.S. and push the socialist agenda while you happen to be championing them...

Let's hear it for someone who will finally stand up to the biggest oppressors of women on the planet!

And I am definitely not referring to these jokers:

(images from Zombie)

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