Thursday, March 01, 2007


The latest podcast of The Sanity Squad is now posted at Pajamas Media Politics Central ; and this week the fab four immerse themselves in popular culture and discuss the the impact that the star culture has had on some of the key issues of the day.

Oscar night is Hollywood’s annual ritual of fashion and self-congratulatory spectacle. The Sanity Squad skips the glam gowns and the glitz, and focuses instead on the influence of the movies on politics, sexuality, and even on our perception of history.

The Sixties were a turning point for film and American culture, and the Squad hones in another critical turning point: the psychological and sociological effects of "abortion on demand".

Join Neo-neocon, Siggy , Shrinkwrapped and me as we "do" Hollywood--the capitol of LA LA land--and dissect the psychopathology of the movies and culture;their impact on our children.; and the illusions and delusions of the cultural and political elite! We let no one off the hook--including ourselves. Go and take a listen--it's free food for your brain!

All podcasts of The Sanity Squad can be found here; and you can also download them from iTunes. (search for Pajamas Media)

(The Sanity Squad cartoon at the right is drawn by Eric Allie, whose collection of political cartoons can be found here and here).

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