Monday, March 05, 2007


Neo-neocon has moved to a new site!

"Brief Politico-Therapy" - a roundup of psych bloggers is now posted at GM's Corner...AND he has up a cool, new banner for his blog!

Guess what? Socialism just doesn't work. Shocking.

Bogus and possibly fruadulent? It never made much sense to begin with.

"Nuts for Sanity"? I'm eagerly waiting to sign the $million contract.....

And over 17,000 scientists dissent to the "consensus" on global warming. Imagine that-debate is apparently not closed after all.

Speaking of debates, this is another one the left would like to see closed as quickly as possible --before people realize that the Surge is working.

I've got a bunch of meetings to go to today, so I'll be back sometime this afternoon.

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