Monday, March 12, 2007


Somehow, this reminds me of this post about a young female patient with hysterical blindness:

I concluded that post with the following point, which is still valid:
Somehow, she had to develop the necessary maturity to cope with the new reality of her world--to "see" it for what it was. And somewhere along that difficult psychological path, her vision returned.

I sincerely hope that the Democrats are able to negotiate that same path.

Since I wrote the post, I have observed very little progress in understanding or insight for either the Democrats or the political left in general. But, unlike the frog in the cartoon above, whose blindness is confined to only one side; the Democrats are unhappily at an even more severe disadvantage. They can be blindsided from all directions; and their blindness is of a strickly voluntary nature.

Reality, when it finally comes swooping down out of the sky, is definitely going to be very painful.

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