Thursday, March 15, 2007


My nomination this week for the whackjob most likely never ever ever to use a healthy psychological defense mechanism--like HUMOR, for example--was the anonymous commenter on this post:
Just to make sure everyone understands, these are supposed mental health professionals who apparently think it's a hoot to give out "Weekly Whackjob Awards".

Look around all you like, but I doubt you'll find a shred of credibility here...

FYI, Dr. Sanity,

I am forwarding this information to everyone at UM I can find who matters. Screw you and your bullshit. It's time for people other than your little group of fans to catch on to your lies.

Too bad for anonymous, but we happy little band of mental health professionals are far too unserious to let such idiocy go by without mocking it unmercifully (after all, "anonymous" is not our patient and we can say what we want about him and his pathetic attempts to limit our free speech rights).

And yet, even without the help of the courageously "speaking truth to power" Mr. anonymous quoted above, Siggy has managed to find some amazing examples of seriously ridiculous insanity that far surpass even the histrionic capability of my anonymous commenter.

Have you been looking for some humor in a bland, humorless world that seems to be dominated by the do-gooder-PC-free -speech nazis? Well, stop looking in all the wrong places!

Proceed immediately to the Weekly Wednesday Whacky Awards; do not stop, do not pass GO; Click on the image of Siggy Unplugged to the right, and prepare yourself for some serious insanity!

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