Thursday, September 08, 2005

Very Dangerous

Captain Ed has this to say about the fact that the Red Cross states explicitly they were prevented from bringing aid and supplied into New Orleans by state officials:

It's worth noting that the Red Cross agrees with the decision to make the Superdome available to those residents seeking refuge from the storm, an endorsement of Nagin's decision to open the arena. However, to open the Dome and then refuse to allow the Red Cross to stock it with the supplies necessary to keep the people inside healthy makes no sense whatsoever.

It's also worth noting that the Red Cross gets more access to the detainees at Guantanamo Bay than the people still stuck inside New Orleans.

Once again, we have more evidence that the problems in getting relief to Louisianans stuck inside the New Orleans basin directly relate to decisions made at the state and local level, not federal -- and that the people in charge of the overall effort have been and continue to be Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco. The meme blaming Bush for Hurricane Katrina continues to fall apart, even without wide coverage of the facts by the Exempt Media.

Also The Anchoress, Betsy's Page and Hugh Hewitt have more.

The real outrage is that somehow everyone on the Left felt they could easily get away with their baseless and vile accusations about Bush. They knew they could count on the MSM to report every disgusting accusation without bothering to check. They knew they could get away with calling Bush a "racist" who "hates black people"; who deliberately vacationed while New Orleans drowned; it goes on an on and on.

God knows that GWB is far from perfect, but the Bush Derangement Syndrome that infects such a large number of Democrats seems to be destroying essential brain matter. The Left have become victims (a state they seem to be desperate to achieve)of their own virulent hatred.

Although she was talking about President Bush, so far gone in this horrible brain disorder was Nancy Pelosi that she didn't even realize she was describing herself and all fellow sufferers of this highly toxic and deadly illness when she said on national news (to paraphrase that shining beacon of wisdom, reason, and truth) "they haven't got a clue and they are dangerous".

Yes they are. Very dangerous.

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