Sunday, September 18, 2005

Alternative Reality

A must-read piece at The Belmont Club-- "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose":

Of all the weapons of the insurgency, it is their ability to set the public terms of the debate that has proven the most powerful. Their model of fighting a combined media-arms campaign has created an alternative reality which Western opinion-makers unconsciously inhabit. The questions asked by a New York Times of Condoleeza Rice in a recent interview speak directly from this point of view.
Q: Can you make the case that international terror, global terror, is less of a threat now than it was four years ago?
Q: If you take a snapshot right now, is the world more dangerous than it was before?
Q: How can you look at Iraq and continue to feel that the trend lines are moving in the direction that you want to see?

I agree with Wretchard, that some of the West's journalists and opinion-makers unconsciously inhabit this alternative reality. But there are, in my opionion, far too many who deliberately and consciously live in this unreal space-- it is the same space they inabited when the US was fighting communism; it is the same space they inabit as socialists; anti-capitalists; and antiwar sloganeers.

In other words, it the the alternate reality where all those who are opposed to economic and political freedom choose to live, maintaining their fantasy that they know what is true and right and good for all people. In their dreams, they still live in the worker's paradise envisioned by Marx. They have been unmoved by its translation in the real world into death camps; forced labor camps; conquest; tyranny and human misery.

It is possible to reach those who simply unconsciously parrot the slogans and behaviors of the failed ideologies of the Left. They may still be amenable to reason if one can engage their minds.

Those who deliberately and consciously are trying to destroy America; destroy all hope in the world for Freedom and self-determination --they long ago abandoned their minds to serve the god worshipped by tyrants everywhere.

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