Friday, September 23, 2005

Spare Me The Hysteria

The following are two typical examples of the way the Democrats like to frame the issues. They are not content with stating that they happen to disagree with the Republican point of view. No...instead we get the following headlines:

WASTE, FRAUD, AND KILLING POOR PEOPLE which discusses the "crazy, heartless people" who are suggesting making cuts in the federal budget.

Then there's this one:

GOP TO AUDIT THE POOR, which summarizes the proposed cuts as: At least you know where some of these House Republicans stand. Which is: We should raise taxes on the poor.

Or, how about this one:

THE REPUBLICAN WAR ON THE POOR; which goes on to say about the proposed cuts: a huge part of it is nothing more than the usual attacks on the poor, including a total (by my count) of $477 billion in Medicare/Medicaid cuts.

So, there you have it. The rational Democratic position of "damned if you do and damned if you don't." Listen carefully and you will hear coming out the other side of the Democrat's mouth the contempt and outrage at even the idea of President Bush daring to think of raising that federal deficit (that appears to be the perogative of liberals alone).

One of the themes of their blubbering is the mindless chant that Republicans are trying to "DESTROY" this country by raising the deficit and spending money on ridiculous things like the Iraq War/War on Terror; or making stupid promises to rebuild New Orleans. The second, competing theme is the hysteria about Republicans "killing" poor people; "raping" women; and waging a "war" on the poor so that the rich and wealthy can get richer and wealthier.

Aren't you sick of the relentless class warfare practiced by the Democratic Party? Aren't you disgusted by the continual subliminal (and not so subtle) references to Marxism and the Communist class struggle. Aren't the Democrats aware that Marx and Communism LOST THE COLD WAR and that Freedom, Democracy, and the U.S. won? That it was the same worthless social policies in the Soviet Union and elsewhere that led to the deaths of millions of people? That the poverty and misery caused by the application of these oh so compassionate theories was incalculable?

60 years of FDR's "New Deal" and we have the poverty and misery we witnessed in New Orleans. TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS spent to "help" the poor using the Democrat's wonderful social programs--and we have created only multiple generations of poverty; perpetual victimhood and hopelessness that extend into the forseeable future.

When is someone going to point out that the Democrats have NO REAL INTEREST IN ACTUALLY HELPING POOR PEOPLE ESCAPE POVERTY? Because if all those poor people did escape poverty and begin to pursue their own happiness, then the Democrats could no longer blame poverty on Republicans. Notice how every minority person who has escaped poverty and who begins to think that maybe the Democratic social programs do much more harm than good is immediately labeled a "traitor" to their race, or class, or gender? Notice how all "concerned and compassionate and caring" people are only allowed to think one way--the Democratic Party way?

This is why we cannot have even the most simple debate in this country about spending priorities; about long-term solutions to social problems; about what it means to be an American. At the slightest mention of pursuing any social strategy that does not involve pouring endless amounts of taxpayer monies down the black holes of worthless social program; then the Democrats resort to the pathetic cult of victimhood, better known as the Marxist dialectic ("you are either OPPRESSED, or you are an OPPRESSOR").

There is no greater sin in the Democratic Party's bible than to fail to give lip service to caring about the poor and helpless--even if your behavior and programs actually facilitate the poverty and encourage the helplessness. Appearance is all that matters. (For the absolute proof of this, all you need to do is listen to the sound and fury of both Clintons, who in reality stand for nothing and signify nothing).

What if poverty and hopelessness and all social problems for that matter, could be solved by shifting the paradigm from the Marxist dialectic to one of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? To one of personal empowerment and responsibility instead of perpetual victimhood? What if we unleash the human spirit and allow people to pursue their happiness; instead of having a vested interest in keeping the poor and helpless...poor and helpless?

What if we actually developed a plan that encouraged the best within people--their benevolence, their kindness, their love of their fellow man; instead of stoking the fires of envy, racism, greed and irresponsibility?

Maybe the Republican alternatives don't "kill" poor people? Maybe they might even help poor people stop being poor? Maybe there isn't a dastardly Republican plot to "audit" or engage in open "warfare" against poor people. Maybe President Bush doesn't "hate" black people at all? Maybe non-Christians aren't going to be taken out and summarily executed by this adminsitration? Maybe women will not be forced into wearing burkhas or hijabs by the "medieval" policies of Republicans but by the "progressive" and politically correct policies of the Democrats instead?

Maybe....just maybe, the holy, sacred, perpetual black hole Democratic programs designed to end poverty and create social justice etc. etc. etc. --do exactly the opposite? Maybe they actually don't work as advertised?

Isn't New Orleans the perfect example of how these social programs have done worse than nothing to end the cycle of poverty and dependence that is epidemic there? Maybe we could stop the mindless, reflex Marxism parlor trick of framing every debate so that the Democrats become the "champions of the oppressed" and the Republicans become the "oppressors"? Is that too much to ask for in a free society?

Spare me the usual hysterics at such a concept.

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UPDATE: If you have any doubts about the pervasive influence of Marxist thought on our academic institutions; our media; and the politicians of the Left, it might be worthwhile to pay attention to the actual people who exemplify the so-called "antiwar" effort in this country and who get a free pass from the media as to their origins and purposes. See here, here, here, and here for example.

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