Wednesday, September 07, 2005

SPECIAL ! A Midweek "Carnival of Katrina Insanities"

Image hosted by The insane responses to Hurricane Katrina by the lunatic fringe of American society (better known as the Left Wing of the Democratic Party) has forced me -- a poor helpless victim of their insanity-- to post a midweek version of "The Carnival of the Insanities" especially devoted to Katrina.

Be prepared to roll your eyes, snort, shake your head, and possibly vomit.

1. Let me see if I can get the correct nasal whining intonation on this: "People are dying and they're having f***ing meetings to discuss their political agenda..." (hat tip: Protein Wisdom)

2. OK, I have no link to this, but I personally heard on Fox today, Naomi Wolfe, deranged esteemed feminist, state unequivocally that President Bush was the primary source of blame for the deaths during Katrina. She is yet another reason for the marginalization and irrelevance of today's women's movement (or lack thereof).

3. I would suggest that putting the 'insane in the asylum' would work better in the aftermath, but why spoil all the fun they're having making vile accusations.

4. A clever, diabolical, nefarious Rovian gerrymandering scheme that rivals Machiavelli! No, really. They mean it. It's not a satire.

5. Rescue bid sinks. The incompetence is staggering.

6. Learning impaired? Check out Part 2, Section II; then check out this picture.

7. How SHOCKING! Only 13% think Bush is to blame. Unbelievable that most people think Hurricane Katrina is to blame! What are they thinking???? (BTW- do you imagine this poll will be bruited by the MSM? )

8. We won't see this comprehensive timeline in the national news media. After all, its only their job to do this kind of investigative journalism for the public.

9. How can Mississippi --which bore the brunt of the hurricane-- already be returning to normal ? Here's one suggestion why. Mississippi vs. Louisiana leadership.

10. Uh Oh. Bill's not holding to the party line. Neither is Landrieu!

11. Preening vanity. I couldn't have said it better.

12. And speaking of preening idiocy vanity....

13. Katrina myths and urban legends.

14. Understatement of the year: "The Press Doesn't Know What They're Looking At".

15. Probably better advice than yet another "bipartisan" commission could come up with.

16. Tom Ridge was right. I wonder what those who mocked him think now?

17. A 'rats deserting a sinking ship' moment. (and I'm not talking about Sean Penn--see #5)

Well, there's much, much more insanity out there; and undoubtedly even more to come during the rest of the week. But I have to go meet with Karl and get my marching orders for the rest of the week.

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