Tuesday, September 06, 2005


A reader emails:

I had noted your request listing the Red Cross as a recipient for donations. Please denote that funds should be sent directly to Red Cross chapters involved and not to the National offices in Washington. From Houma to Houston, these are the people using their local resources to assist the refugess, and not the national office. Here in Houston they have been invaluable in coordinating with personnel efforts undertaken by other groups; however, I seriously doubt that the national office would redirect either new funding or reimbursement out of their DC offices without taking a "cut" of the money. It is sad to say, but I echo the sentiments expressed by both President Broussard of Jefferson Parish and Mayor Phil Capitano of Kenner. They know who got through immediately even at the darkest hour: at West Jefferson Hospital it was St. Anne's Hospital that got through to ship water immediately, and at Kenner Wal-Mart was on the spot in more ways than one--both by Tuesday afternoon.

With that caveat in mind, DONATE!

Salvation Army
Mercy Corps
American Red Cross

Or, go here and pick a charity of your choice.

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