Monday, September 26, 2005

Just Another Utopian Nightmare

The Baron at The Gates of Vienna made an expedition into deep space yesterday. Rarely will you find a group whose goals are stated more clearly: The Coalition Against Civilization.

Most organizations with this same agenda are in complete denial about their primitivism and hatred for humanity--often covering it up with religious terms (e.g. "jihad against the infidels") and going on about the paradise they will create on earth, as well as the one in the next life, available after leaving the travails of the real world. But these new utopians are nothing more than the reincarnation of the all the old utopians with the new twist of honesty about their long-term goals. Oh yes, there is one little catch, in their ideal system:

So what do they want? Obviously, the elimination of technological society, the end of all political structures, and a return to a primitive agriculturally-based society. That’s quite an ambitious project.

All power will be ablolished. Women will be freed from their "gender constraints". All minds presumably will be freed from the constraints of....reality. Wilderness will now be the opiate of the masses.

How many people could the earth support under such a neo-Neolithic model? Ten million? A hundred million? Let’s be generous and say a billion. That means that four-fifths of the world’s population would have to disappear.
We know the drill; we’ve seen it so many times before. The Enemies of the People will be marched out of the cities and herded into camps to work for the common good. Those who can’t handle it, who can’t reconcile themselves to the new order will… Well, the y’ll just have to be sacrificed.

They’ll go in single file across the organic soybean fields to the mass graves that have been so thoughtfully prepared for them.

And you can bet that the bulldozer and the pistol will be the last technological artifacts to be given up after the Green Millenium arrives.

The members of this group have managed to create in the splinter of their mind's eye, just another glorious utopian nightmare. After they abolish all power, the only people with power will be themselves.

Funny how it always works like that.

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