Thursday, September 29, 2005

Democrat Entitlement

Nowhere is the Democrat's sense of entitlement more obvious than in the delusion, adopted because they are the minority party, that President Bush should appoint someone to the Supreme Court to keep it "ideologically balanced".

They seem to believe that since Sandra Day O'Connor has been a swing voter on the court, that it is their right to demand someone similar from the President's next appointment.

When did the Supreme Court of the United States become yet another entitlement program for the Democrats?

Where is it written that the Supreme Court must be "ideologically balanced"? Who has ever claimed that the minority party has any rights (except the usual "advise and consent role")to determine who is selected by the elected President of the US?

And, since it is clear that no matter who the President nominates; no matter how qualified the individual may be; whether a minority or not--the Democrats (with some major assistance from their loudmouthed lunatic fringe) will fanatically oppose that person and will subject the American public to the usual hysteria claiming that, if approved, the nominee will cause the end of civilization as we know it.

As I watch the swearing in of Chief Justice Roberts, I hope for the sake of my country that President Bush will offer up another person of both capability and character to the highest court of the land. For me, those are the qualifications that the American public are entitled to, whether they call themselves Republicans or Democrats. No more and certainly no less.

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