Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It's audacity...it's hope...it's grandiose and utterly narcissistic.
The only reference to democracy concerns apologizing for the US' role in overthrowing a "democratically elected" government. Other references include multiple affirmations that Iran's "leaders" are in fact its leaders, pledges of "mutual respect," and a commitment to working with Iran's "leaders" without "preconditions" of any sort. Preconditions that a democratically-minded president might insist upon, like reform of the corrupt, fixed system and a system of actual representative government.

Everything Obama said about Iran actually flattered and legitimized its "leaders," as he termed them. And yet, we are supposed to believe, he actually inspired the protests.

But he and his staff are miffed that he's not getting proper credit for inspiring the Iranian protests by his lame rhetoric. As Peter Kiranov notes: "But privately Obama administration officials are crediting Obama's setting of his bedside alarm clock last night for the sun rising this morning. . . ."

I wonder on a daily basis why so many people in this country and around the world are unable to see through this second-rater who is desperate to achieve godhood and be all things to all people.

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