Friday, June 26, 2009


I made the mistake of glancing at the news last night and found it to contain the most all-around depressing bunch of stories imaginable; and in almost every sphere--national news, international news, social & entertainment news, political news, etc. etc.

So, I consciously decided to channel Scarlet O'Hara and engage in a bit of traditional psychological denial that is tried and true: since I am on vacation, I won't think about all that today, I'll think about thattomorrow next week.... (see how easy it is to close your eyes and ignore all the terribly unpleasant realities out there?)

We're up in San Luis Obispo at the moment, but will be heading to Fresno later today to visit more family and check out Fresno State. Here is a picture the Boo with a younger cousin at Avila Beach were we spent part of the day yesterday:

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