Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The Democrats continue to live up to their New Year's Resolution:

Success is simply not an option for them. Betsy notes that they have "doubled down on defeat":
In the midst of indicators out of Iraq showing an improving situation since the surge started, the Democrats are trying to double down on their insistence that we withdraw now. Although the situation is still dicey, it is improved. But the Democrats continue to want to call the war a defeat and come home. They haven't adjusted their position at all since earlier this year and now they're contemplating forcing the Republicans to stage a filibuster of their newest pullout proposal.

The possibility of success in Iraq or (gasp) the idea that America may actually win a war, is so horribly distressing to them (and their narrative of American defeat) that you can look for them to escalate their attacks on the troops and military personnel, portraying them as either monsters and horrific killers--or alternatively as terribly victimized by the Bush Administration. Watch for even more "piling on" President Bush, including increasingly hysterical demands for impeachment from all those really really "progressive" types--they are desperate for God's sake! Progress in Iraq was not what they had in mind....; You will see emphasize the cumulative death tolls in Iraq, instead of the ones that demonstrate a reduction in violence; and seize any negative story from that country (if there are no negative stories they will simply count on the MSM not to report any positive ones). Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo become central again in the news cycle.

Lone voices crying out in the wilderness will only be marginalized and mocked by the lunatic left base that the Democratic leadership seems intent on pandering to.

Success is simply not an option.

UPDATE: Here we go! The tactic of the day is: Soldiers are poor helpless victims of the uncaring and oppressive Bush regime! Jules Crittendon takes on this myth.

And, Guantanamo!

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