Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yesterday evening, The Sanity Squad had a very interesting conversation with Fatima Bhutto in Karachi. Bhutto's famous aunt, Benizir, is one of the major players in events going on there now, and Fatima, who was schooled in the West has a unique perspective on the situation. She skillfully handled a number of questions about her writings and about the upcoming presidential elections.

You won't want to miss this podcast!

Ms. Fatima Bhutto clearly has a political future and could very well become a major player in Pakistani politics. You can read some of her controversial pieces here and here. In several of those pieces, she expresses an admiration for both Hugo Chavez and for Hezbollah--neither of which are exactly monuments to democracy or freedom; but Ms. Bhutto handled herself with grace, honesty, and insight while answering in detail some of the hard questions put to her by members of The Squad.

Join Siggy, Shrink, Neo and me as we have a lively discussion with Pakistan's "other" Bhutto!

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