Wednesday, November 28, 2007

THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 2008 PLATFORM: "Truth Doesn't Exist and We Possess It"

This is what the Democrats have so far as a platform for 2008...

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...and all they need to do is:

  • Continue to vigorously deny that any progress is being made in Iraq; and even if there is progress being made, insist it is irrelevant because American soldiers have died

  • Keep on focusing on anything negative in the economic news and suggest that imminent economic collapse is upon us--as they have been doing for the last 8 years

  • Insist that the reason the U.S. has not been attacked since 9/11 is because there was NO REAL THREAT TO BEGIN WITH !

  • And, like Bill Clinton did just the other day, rewrite history to make their fantasies all come true. The first step is to fix things so its clear to everyone that their motives have always been pure. Even when Clinton was denouncing Saddam Hussein and voicing his support of Bush's decision to go to war, he was really opposed to it in principle!

    That is how life is lived amidst the postmodern ruins:
    This is one of the reasons that the left habitually attacks motives instead of substance, for they first undermine the idea that you can know anything objectively, and then insist that the purpose of knowledge is domination and oppression anyway. For the last several years, "job one" of of the left has been to make us doubtful of our aims in Iraq, in the hope that we will simply become demoralized and surrender.

    But they do this so selectively that it is mind-boggling. For example, surely there was more credible evidence that Saddam had WMD than that the earth is undergoing catastrophic manmade warming. But in both cases, their main argument is that people who disagree with them have venal motives. In the case of President Bush, he really wanted to invade Iraq because he thought it would somehow enrich his already wealthy "friends." And in the case of global warming, those who reject the theory are simply on the payroll of Bush's wealthy friends. So for all practical purposes, humility is not possible on the left, since their conspiratorial form of thought means that they always have the answer. And it sounds humble to the stupid, since they are always opposed to the intrinsically racist-sexist-homophobic America.

    So, just as the left engages in the moral inversion of detaching virtue from tradition, they engage in a weird "cognitive conversion" that combines "intellectual helplessness" with a kind of monstrously arrogant omniscience. This is how you can spend some $100,000 plus on an elite university education, only to learn that truth doesn't exist and we possess it.

    What they possess is a moral and intellectual confusion that is so pronounced, I hesitate to even call it psychosis. It is more like a deliberate dementia.

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