Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The violence begins in Venezuela:
Several media outlets in Caracas have reported today that the new protests where thousands of students from all over the country participated against Chavez's Constitutional "reforms," left many students wounded. There were violent confrontations with the police in many Universities and there are reports of protesters having bullet and pellet wounds. Allegedly, one is in critical condition. Some newspapers have published news that many students have been detained by the authorities.

Demonstrations also occurred in other cities: Maracay ,Valencia ,Yaracuy and Puerto La Cruz and there is information that many professors joined their students. For this Sunday, all the student leaders will join their forces and will march in a huge demonstration to reject Chavez's plans to turn Venezuela into an oppressive and tyrannical country.

Protein Wisdom reviews the left's response to Chavez "shredding the [Venezuelan] constitution":
Results 1 - 20 of about 662 for chavez “shredding the constitution”. (0.16 seconds)

Results 1 - 20 of about 22,200 for bush “shredding the constitution”. (0.30 seconds)

And lists some of the fawning praises the left has had for this thug. Here's just two:
So, is Chavez a dictator? Bush, Fox, and the Venezuelan oligarchy will tell you that he is. But they live in a looking-glass world where conquest is called liberation, aggression is called defense, and economic domination is called free trade. A world where real democracy is called dictatorship[emphasis Dr. Sanity].

Venezuela’s media, owned largely by the country’s wealthy elites, is arguably the most rabidly anti-government media in the world. In the past, opposition figures have appeared on television openly calling for a coup against Chavez, who says he is leading a revolution on behalf of Venezuela’s majority poor. Chavez’s decision not to renew RCTV’s license is not exactly akin to George W. Bush shutting down CBS or NBC because they ran a few stories critical of him. If RCTV were operating in the United States, it’s doubtful that its actions would last more than a few minutes with the FCC.

Yes, we can clearly see that Chavez has installed a "real" democracy; and that people in the U.S. are living under a brutal and oppressive dictatorship. So sayeth the reality-based community.

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