Thursday, November 08, 2007


Ok, you know the drill, class.

QUESTION: Why is this bad bad bad; and the worse thing for democracy in the history of the world according to the left; and this, as well as all the events leading up to it, is completely ignored and/or dismissed by the same (I wonder if Sean Penn and/or Naomi Campbell are proud) ?

ANSWER: Because, class, in the former case of Pakistan, you can simultaneously get mileage out of bashing Bush, his administration's policies, and America in general as you loudly bemoan the loss of democracy; while in Venezuela, the thuggish tyrannical leader there hates Bush with a passion and regularly throws the raw red meat of that hatred to the dogs of the left to keep them happy and distracted!

Meanwhile, back in Iraq...the left doesn't have the Surge to kick around any more, does it?

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