Thursday, November 15, 2007


There are the grim milestones that the MSM and the left like to point out when discussing American deaths in Iraq; and then there are grim milestones that they studiously ignore:
The establishment media is seemingly obsessed with “grim milestones” in the War on Terror, as the Associated Press reminds us this past weekend. But in the next week those same establishment media outlets will probably stand mute when yet another “grim milestone” is reached – the10,000th attack by Islamic terrorists and militants since 9/11, which is responsible for approximately 60,000 dead and 90,000 injured.

The chronicler of this bloody tally is Glen Reinsford, editor of, who began compiling and updating daily a detailed list of reported incidents of violence and terrorism around the world targeting non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Because of space limitations he only posts the past two months worth of attacks on his websites main page, though he has archived all of the incidents from past years (2001-2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007). He also maintains a banner graphic with the updated number of attacks, which people can post on their own websites....

In his explanation of his methodology, he notes that he doesn’t include combat-related statistics, and acknowledges that the death toll may increase in the days and months following the attack as victims die from their injuries, which almost never get reported. The list also doesn’t account for the genocide in Darfur committed by the Islamist government in Sudan and their Janjaweed marauding militias, which the UN estimated last year had resulted in 400,000 dead and 2 million displaced.

With such seemingly incomprehensible carnage, I ask Reinsford if there were any particular incidents that stand out, and he identified three (qualifying that he could easily identify 15 more)....

You will have to read the whole thing to really appreciate the level of psychological denial that must be sustained and constantly nurtured in order to ignore the incredible human toll that Islamic terrorism has wrought--and these data have only been collected since 9/11.

If it were up to the the MSM, the Democrats, and the political left, everyone would be required to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that Terrorism is NO BIG DEAL and anyone thinks it is, is the worst sort of fearmonger!

"The 9/11 attack was a crisis that has largely passed"! By calling it a global war on terror we've only helped that which must not be named and hurt ourselves!

Clearly, if we pretend it doesn't exist, it will go away. Better still! If we convince ourselves that it is the Bu$hies, then the solution to the carnage is just to get rid of Bush and his evil sidekick Cheney! Simple! Thus the epidemic of insanity that is psychological displacement at its finest (and least subtle).

And when he is no longer President, then who will shift the blame to? When the denialists finally get around to looking at reality, it may be too late for all of us.

To put it in complicated psychiatric terms, fear can make people stupid and blind to reality. The issue is, of course, who among the fearful is more stupid? Those who are so incredibly afraid of terrorism that they have to pretend it doesn't even exist? Or those who admit to a rational fear of the Jihadists and choose to face it and fight?

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