Thursday, September 13, 2007


Scott Ott at Scrappleface has the "leaked" copy...and here's a brief excerpt:
Below is the unedited text of the speech scheduled for delivery later this week.

THE PRESIDENT: My fellow Americans, a handful of you this week have listened in on what passes for Congressional hearings. You’ve endured the speeches of politicians who arrived with their minds set in concrete, as bulwarks against the truth. You have watched as one of our nation’s brave, devoted, valiant soldiers was ignored and described (in so many words) as a liar.

These broadcasts brought joy to the caves of al Qaeda, the halls of al-Jazeera, and to the streets of places where 9/11 is celebrated with dancing as the day America was devastated.

If you have watched or listened to these hearings, you can bear witness now that many so-called ‘representatives of the people’ have no clue what the people believe.

These sessions should have brought the nation together to focus on victory and to sound a warning to our enemies that we are united — committed to defend freedom and to defeat freedom’s opponents.

Read it all. If only he would say what Ott has written! Otherwise, I tend to agree with this assessment, though his addres tonights could be a positive-- if he comes out swinging.

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