Monday, September 10, 2007


After hearing just the opening comments by the Democrats "eagerly" waiting to hear (yeah, right) from General Petraeus, I have to acknowledge that Siggy is absolutely correct:
Like the Democrats that hounded Abraham Lincoln and sought to foil his every move in fighting the Civil War, this crop of Congressional politicos have dome everything could to usurp this administration’s efforts to bring democracy and human rights to region utterly devoid of them. There is no pretense that the efforts to undermine Mr Bush are anything but politically motivated. Where are the Democrats who say, ‘We differ with the administration on tactics, but we too are determined to bring democracy to the Middle East no matter the cost.’

Like their predecessors that fought with all their might to keep American blacks politically, socially, economically and educationally disenfranchised for decades after the civil war, this generation of Democrats will be remembered for abandoning Arabs to continued tyranny and slaughter if they get their way.

Symbolic of the "eagerness" to listen (and the openess of the left's minds) is the fact that when finally, the General was asked to begin his testimony, the microphones in front of him did not work.

The microphones in front of the congressional members worked just fine. I suspect that the "message" from the majority party to the General is pretty obvious:

"We really don't need to hear what you are going to say"- with or without the microphones.

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