Monday, September 03, 2007


Reason editor Nick Gillespie reviews The Argument by Matt Bai (see below) in the NY Times:

With the possible exception of the Republicans, is there a major political party more stupefyingly brain-dead than the Democrats? That’s the ultimate takeaway from “The Argument,” Matt Bai’s sharply written, exhaustively reported and thoroughly depressing account of “billionaires, bloggers, and the battle to remake Democratic politics” along unabashedly “progressive” (read: New Deal and Great Society) lines. Well-financed and influential groups ranging from the Democracy Alliance to the New Democrat Network to may be taking over the Democratic Party, he says, but they are not doing the heavy thinking that will fundamentally transform politics — unlike the free-market, small-government groups formed in the wake of Barry Goldwater’s historic loss in the 1964 presidential race.

Bai has the grim job of covering national politics for The New York Times Magazine, which means his livelihood depends on following closely whether the Tennessee actor-turned-politician-turned-actor-again Fred Thompson will actually run for president (a decision reportedly put off until after Labor Day, allowing an anxious nation to savor the last days of summer) and taking seriously the White House fantasies of Senator Joseph Biden (at least in Biden’s presence). While sympathetic to the new progressives, Bai describes a movement long on anger and short on thought.

The little men and women who make up the Democratic leadership today are the children of a nihilistic and anti-human philosophical system that has been intellectually and morally bankrupt for over half a century.

On the whole, they can be described as petty, small-minded, self-serving, power-hungry, and completely narcissistic. Instead of doing what is right for this country in a time of war, these nothings of the Democratic Party have made it their mission in life to oppose, undermine, discredit, trivialize, undo, impede, harass, and scream with rage and frustration over any policy or action taken by the current administration. They have done nothing in the area of providing ideas, alternatives, or even a modicum of goodwill and genuine concern for national intersts and prioritiies.

When push comes to shove--i.e., when it becomes clear that going beyond the usual self-righteous posturing will have repercussions for their power schemes--then you can witness first-hand the lack of committment to the high-minded "principles" they passionately articulate on a daily basis. Like little children, when an adult stands in their way to prevent them from doing irreversible damage, they retreat, sniveling, frustrated and angered; back to their playroom to dream up a new approach.

Their counterparts in Europe have done pretty much the same thing with the usual European flair.

These pathetic losers would be accusing President Bush of pursuing a misguided strategy if he had become obsessed with tracking down Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and completely ignored Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Whatever suits their power agenda.

Even now, the Democrat's lunatic fringe (and driving force) is preparing themselves for the frenzy of denunciations and swoonings when Bush finally deals with the threat posed by Iran's aquisition of nuclear weapons. This fringe, which has taken over the hearts and minds of the Democratic Party, could care less about betraying their country since they subscribe to an ideology that is antithetical to everything this nation has ever stood for.

We have already seen this same pathological dynamic in the hysterical denounciations of the Bush administration on the one hand for pursuing "unilateral" action in Iraq; and then denouncing them equally vociferously when they pursue multilateral diplomacy dealing with Iran and North Korea. (cue the boy band N'Sync playing "Every little thing I do, never seems enough for you...")

Because, you see, right and wrong make no difference to the little men and women buzzing hysterically around Bush, who is an intellectual giant when compared to these frauds; and behavior has been mentally and morally superior in every way to theirs.

Whatever the faults of the Republican Party (and there are many because they are made up of ordinary, flawed human beings), they simply cannot compete with the intellectual and moral void of narcissistic nihilism that is the essence of the postmodern Democrats.

Long on anger, short on thought; self-destructive and pious to the bitter end. The Democratic Party will finally be over when the American voters realize they have been scammed one too many times.

Last one out the door should remember to turn off the lights when they leave.

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