Thursday, September 06, 2007


First, the Iraqis --of all people!--said that life was getting better.

Then there was O'Hanlon and Pollack.... whose break from the stormtrooper ranks of the left caused outraged disapproval and baleful sputtering.

Then there was this prominent Democrat who claimed the surge was working after going to see it firsthand.

Then that hateful President dared to go to Anbar province to highlight how improved the situation was on the ground there.

And now Katie Couric, for God's Sake!

After all their courageous defeatism! After all the hype and spin about how America has lost lost lost! After all their efforts to keep everyone in lockstep on the Vietnam quagmire template.

Have they lost control over their hapless minions? More importantly, have they lost control of the narrative? Is someone daring to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat???? And what about all those carefully-laid plans to leverage a presidential victory for the Democrats on U.S. humiliation and defeat to Al Qaeda? (Watch and see how certain Presidential candidates will mysteriously have been "for" the Surge before they were "against" it in the days to come).

Recent postive events must be pure torture for them:

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