Tuesday, September 04, 2007


For your intellectual stimulation today, I ask you to consider some of the most obscure and deep mysteries of the universe...mysteries so incredibly mysterious, that only the political left is able to fully appreciate and understand the nuances of their deep mystery:

1. Sometimes a rocket is just a rocket, unless....

2. Combat deaths decline in Iraq, reasons unclear...

3. Why are human beings so horribly aggressive? Why can't we all just get along?

4. Why is life so darn scary? Make it go away.

5. Is Eternal Life and Perfect Health is just a government edict away? How could anyone be opposed to living as well as they do in Cuba?

6. Why are some murderers more progressive than others?

7. Why are there scandals and then there are REPUBLICAN scandals? [Which are mysteriously far worse than those ordinary Democrat scandals.]

8. Why are we so easily damaged by crisis; our mental health so fragile; and our sanity hanging by a thread? Not to mention our dismal self-esteem....

Answers are due back before the end of the day.

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