Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Did you catch the unreal speech given by the President of Iran at the UN today? If so, you might have come away somewhat confused about how similar this Marxist religious fanatic sounds to the Al Qaeda Marxist religious fanatic; and how both of these tyrants keep reiterating the talking points of the [supposedly] anti-religious poltical left.

According to the Ahmadinejad, we don't have the courage to face the fact that we have lost the Iraq war.

You wonder if he's been channeling Harry "the war is lost" Reid, or something.

But news of our defeat has been greatly exaggerated, it appears. Victor Davis Hanson enumerates all that is actually going well in the Middle East--including Iraq-- and suggests a way for Dems to save face:

If this were to continue, and I think there is a good chance it will, then the Democrats need to start once again readjusting, especially on Iraq. They might want to consider a tactic along the following lines: their initial votes for the removal of Iraq were sound and not to be apologized for; then their timely constant haranguing led to the necessary changes that came kicking and screaming; and now thanks to their vigilance there is some hope of resolution — combined with reminders that they always supported principled aid for Middle East reformers.

Hanson also notes how Europe is changing as they adapt to reality:

Geopolitically, the face of European leaders seems almost unrecognizable from its 2003 visage. Sarkozy and the French on Iran sound like the U.S. on Iraq in the late 1990s. Fear of Islamism has made the Swiss, Danish, and Dutch appear almost as 16th-century Europeans fearing the Ottomans. Even anti-American Greece, amid the forest fire outrage, reelected a conservative government.

Ahmadinejad, Bin Laden, and the lunatic left are too far gone into the realm of delusion, however, for us to ever expect that they will acknowledge the real world. They will never admit defeat because their entire identity and world view is dependent on keeping up the fantasy.

Being a true fanatic means never having to say you're sorry.

Isn't it simply tragic that the political left is once again--in a new century--already on the wrong side of history?

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of reality-biased, clueless ideologues.

From Cox & Forkum Editorial Cartoons (hat tip: LGF)

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