Friday, October 23, 2009


..and I'm not talking about the kid in costume either!

[More Political Cartoons by Dana Summers]

Meanwhile, if you want to be really scared, check out this interview with Victor Davis Hanson, a military historian; and Robert Baer, a former CIA field officer, "Armageddon Time":
"The Iranians are very good at procuring banned materials very easily," said Baer. "They are very close [to having what they need to produce weapons]. They could move very quickly."

How quickly?

"Six months, a year."

The second observation: The Iranians have no interest in running a bluff. Once able to produce nuclear weapons, they will almost certainly do so....

The third observation: As the Iranians scramble to produce nuclear weapons, the Obama administration appears too feckless, inexperienced or deluded to stop them.

The actual video interview will be aired at NRO on Monday.

Have a great weekend! I'm out in California getting ready for the move from this end. Back to blogging on Monday sometime.

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