Thursday, October 08, 2009


I do not tend to swear much, but F*@K THIS S#%T. What in God's name is a moron like this doing "advising" the US President??? And, what exactly is she advising him to do??

Sharia law isn't 'misunderstood'; anybody with a brain understands its purpose all too well. And, I ask again, WTF is this moron doing advising the President?

Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Beck?Bold

UPDATE: You know, I never thought that this Administration would be very memorable--or particularly competent; but Obama and his merry band of extremist lunatics have turned into an absolute nightmare. His appointments and "advisors" are terrifying when you consider that they represent the philosophy and views of the effing President of the US. Geez. Unbelievable.

UPDATE II: And, speaking of nightmares--just in case you hadn't heard, President Wonderful has won the "Yasser Arafat Peace Prize."

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