Wednesday, October 28, 2009


From now till the end of the year is really crunch time for me, in that I have to get everything ready here on this end for my move to California. My house has not sold yet and this is scary, but I'm not going to completely panic until the end of November....I may have to do a short sale or something. Also, I have several deadlines to finish at work and for the book.

In December, I will be driving with my daughter and my cat to California, because--whether the house sells or not, I start work in CA on January 4th. That gives me a few weeks to unpack and get settled.

Sooooooooo, the long and short of it is that I am going to have a two-month hiatus in my blogging, and be back in early January; set and ready to shine that psychological spotlight on the latest Obama Administration insanity.

I assume the world will still be around then; though possibly changed somewhat. My apologies to all my loyal readers, but (as Arnold once said) I'LL BE BACK!

Meanwhile, here is one of the (few) aspects of Ann Arbor I will dearly miss: Autumn and the lovely colors of Michigan this time of year.

The view looking out from my house:

Anyone need a house in Ann Arbor? It's right across the street from a park on one side and an elementary school on the other. Perfect location and a lovely home :-)

Have a safe Holiday Season and I'll be back up in January.

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