Saturday, May 28, 2005

John Kerry - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I stole the phrase above from neo-neocon,who used it in a comment on this blog; but it was so appropriate for me as a blogger, I couldn't resist! As long as John Kerry continues on his narcissistic, lying path to glory, I will never lack for something to write about.

It is extremely hard to even consider the remotest possibility that John Kerry intends to release all his military--including his medical--records. Polipundit has the latest, and I urge you to read what it says there.

Meanwhile, John O'Neill, from the Swiftboat Vets has released all of his own records just to show how easily it can be done, and you can see his Form 180 here. Note that he authorizes the records' release to "anyone who requests them." Compare and contrast that to Senator Kerry.

In his usual disingenuous (i.e., lying) fashion, Kerry states that he actually DID sign the Form 180 (probably before he didn't sign it) and that his staff is "reviewing" it. In other words, ladies and gents, Kerry Strikes Again. HE HASN'T SENT THE FORM IN YET!! Or, if he HAS sent it to the military, he HASN'T released the records.

Here are the following FACTS:

1. John Kerry has never released all his military records.
2. John Kerry has promised to release all those records multiple times, the most recent of which was back several months ago.
3. John Kerry states he has signed the Form, but is "reviewing it".

The obvious questions:

What is he or his staff "reviewing" it for? What needs to be "reviewed"? What is Kerry hiding? And, if he is not hiding anything, why all the fuss about releasing the records? Why didn't he release them during the 2004 campaign?

The obvious answer:

John Kerry is hiding something he believes will seriously damage him in the public's eyes if it is released. Something that would put an end to his presidential ambitions in a way that resoundingly losing the 2004 preseidential election apparently hasn't done (but should have).

Release the records, Mr. Kerry, and prove me (and many others) completely wrong.

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