Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Headline We'll Never See

Here's a headline from the NY Times (I don't really care about the story, the thoroughly obnoxious headline says it all for me):

"Guantánamo Comes to Define U.S. to Muslims"

Here is a headline I would like to see:

"Beheadings and Insanely Violent Behavior Define Islam to Americans"

Do you think we will ever see that? No, I don't either.

I am so incredibly sick and tired of the completely worthless mainstream media. It hardly seems worth the effort to critique them much anymore. Like Jonathan Pryce at the end of the movie Brazil, they are so into locked into this fantasy world they have created, they can no longer identify real evil--even when it is trying to kill them--let alone stand up against it. I used to think this was simply because they were ignorant and blind.

Now I realize that much of it is deliberate, with only a modest attempt to disguise their deep-seated hatred of western civilization and its values--America in particular (check out this letter from a Marine, especially the part about his interview with NBC-- if you have any doubts about what I am saying). And yes, they remain ignorant and blind.

May there be a special place in hell with 72 Jihadis waiting to behead [I mean...greet] them someday.

UPDATE: American Daughter has some really disturbing photos of beheadings smuggled out of Iran. If you want to know what kind of evil we are dealing with in the war on terror, you may want to look at them. CAUTION: THESE PHOTOS ARE VERY GRAPHIC. They show what the Mullahs do to their own people. But somehow, the media think we need to worry about America's image with Muslims.

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