Wednesday, May 11, 2005

An Excellent Point

Cori Dauber makes an excellent point over at Rantingprofs. I agree with her and here is the list:

A list of five U.S. citizens being held hostage in Iraq and two others whose status is unknown:

– Contractor Jeffrey Ake, 47, of Laporte, Ind., was kidnapped April 11 from a water treatment plant near Baghdad, according to U.S. Embassy officials.

– Mohammed Monaf, an Iraqi-American working as a translator for three Romanian journalists, was kidnapped March 28 along with the journalists.

– Roy Hallums, 56, was kidnapped Nov. 1. He was working for a Saudi company that does catering for the Iraqi army.

– Sadeq Mohammed Sadeq, a Lebanese-American who formerly worked for SkyLink USA, a Virginia contractor, was kidnapped Nov. 2 from his home.

– Aban Elias, an Iraqi-American engineer from Denver, was kidnapped on May 3, 2004, by the Islamic Rage Brigade. He was 41 years old at the time.

– Timothy Bell of Mobile, Ala., is officially listed as missing. He disappeared April 9, 2004, after an attack on a fuel convoy.

– U.S. Army Spc. Keith M. Maupin, 20, of Batavia, Ohio, is listed as missing. He was with Bell during the April 2004 attack.

If the runaway bride can continue to get attention; and the Jackson trial can continue to get attention; then these people deserve the media's and our attention.

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