Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Fundamentalism Difference

New Sisyphus give an example of the fundamentalism difference:

James Dargie (32), a 1995 geography graduate now working as a marine data manager with the Countryside Council for Wales, told how passengers "screamed with terror" when a man of Muslim origin started shouting "Allah Achbar" or "God is Great" as their plane taxied for take-off at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus yesterday afternoon.

Mr Dargie, who had boarded London-bound BA flight 663 with his wife Mona and young son Tomos just minutes earlier, told how a "wave of panic" spread among passengers as the chanting began.

Had a man of Western origin started shouting "Jesus Saves" and "God is Love," the passengers reaction would have been exactly the same. If you don't believe this, you are an insensitive racist. (Emphases from the New Sisyphus post)

Read the whole thing. I agree, there is definitely a fundamental difference between a religion that encourages Life, and one that exalts Death.

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