Thursday, May 19, 2005

Catching a Baton!

Neo-neocon has passed on a baton to me, and I'm supposed to run with it. So, here goes....

10 Things I've Never Done

1. Eaten snails.
2. Run in a marathon.
3. Marched in a protest.
4. Sold my soul.
5. Married a rich man.
6. Watched Seinfeld; American Idol--or any other reality TV show.
7. Slept later than 9 am.
8. Told the truth about my age.
9. Had plastic surgery.
10. Lived without a cat.

Whose turn next? Shrinkette? MaxedOutMama? Beautiful Atrocities? Will anyone pick up that baton? How about GM's Corner? (Even if not, I get to link to a few friends !)

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