Friday, May 20, 2005

The Dawn of Hope on A Clear Bright Morning

There are two posts up today, both of which you should read in their entirety, that seem to suggest that the Left is on its last legs (one can only hope). The first is Wretchard at Belmont Club:

What characterizes much of the Left today as exemplified by behavior from George Galloway to Paul Martin is the increasing necessity to maintain their position By Any Means Necessary. While that is dangerous and infuriating, it is a reliable indicator that they have lost control of the system. Things just aren't working the way they used to. And that, despite everything, is cause for hope.

And the second is New Sisyphus, reporting on the recent summit of national victimhood in Venezuela:

But for sheer idiocy and victimology at its best, nothing beats the summit’s closing declaration. The entire text can be accessed and read here, but we offer a sample as follows for two reasons. First, there just isn’t enough humor on this blog. Second, because, from time to time in the dead of night, usually after we’ve read the day’s collection of leftist hate mail (keep those cards and letters coming, kids!) we sit up straight in bed and wonder: are we on the right track? Is Conservatism really an intellectually defensible stance in today’s world? Perhaps we’re missing something in the leftist critique? Perhaps there is something to be gleaned, to be learned from their positions? Maybe, just maybe, we are wrong about the basics and, therefore, wrong about the particulars as a matter of course?

And then we read declarations of professional victims like these and it’s as if clear bright morning has dawned. Don’t believe us? Read for yourself! The parties to the declaration:

Express deep concern with regard to unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria by the government of the United States of America and consider that the so-called Syria Accountability Act violates principles of International Law and constitutes a transgression against the objectives and principles of the United Nations thereby establishing a serious precedent as regards dealing with independent states.

There’s that old “International Law” again, which apparently becomes law if a group of anti-Americans decide they really, really don’t like a sovereign decision we’ve made about who we will trade with and why. By the way, where is the parliament that drafts this stuff? Can we vote? Petition? Testify? Protest?

Yes, the Leftists all over the world are getting desperate. No one on that side of the political spectrum can pretend anymore that they stand for anything but the enabling of tyranny and terror. What is totally amazing is that--abandoning whatever principles they may once have actually believed they had--they now firmly stand on the wrong side of almost every major issue today.

-Do they believe in Freedom. No. Freedom is only justified when they deem it so.
-Do they believe in and end to tyranny. No. Tyranny and oppression must be good if the US stands firmly against it.
-Is genocide evil. Not when its one of your own doing it!
-Do they condemn suicide bombings. No. targeting innocents is perfectly appropriate behavior, while going after military targets is pure evil. Nothing the Palestinians do could possibly be wrong. And everything that Israel does, is.
-Isn't chopping off the head of a captive a bit more depraved than causing them humiliation? Of course not. Hurting someone's feelings or religious sensibilities is a much more vicious act.
-Isn't "fake but accurate" a ridiculous statement? No. If we believe it, it must be true.
-Doesn't the Oil-for-Food scandal give you some pause about the moral authority of the UN? Not at all, it is the moral authority of the US that is at question here.

And so on and on and on. Wretchard mentions Martin of Canada's Left and Galloway of Britain's as perfect examples of the bluster and braggadocio that is all the Left has to offer. When someone like the paranoid nutcase Hugo Chavez becomes a not only a spokesman, but also a venerated hero and leader of the international Left-- then you can be sure they must be incredibly desperate indeed.

The jig is up. The cat is out of the bag. Hope is dawning in the world. It is a clear, bright morning and the dark ideologies and fanaticism of a Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Osama or Zarqawi cannot survive for long in a world where freedom and democracy thrive.

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