Saturday, May 14, 2005

Imagine That !

This photo of Yoko Ono addressing the UNmakes me wonder how seriously the UN actually takes the issue of Nuclear Weapons? (Note: this is a rhetorical question). If Yoko Ono is considered an expert on the Nucluear Nonproliferation Treaty, then I don't see why Mickey Mouse wasn't also invited to speak to the General Assembly. Or, better yet...I'll bet Michael Moore also has some useful ideas! Is this the best that the UN can do?

But then, what else would you expect from the scandal-ridden, morally bankrupt world body? All talk, no action. Enablers of the world's dictators. And so on, etc. etc. etc.

Taking a page from the Lennon-Ono files:

Imagine That! (sung to the tune of Lennon's "Imagine")

Imagine there's no Jihad
It's easy if you try
No more suicide bombers
Who plan for you to die
Imagine every nation
with all their people free...

Imagine no Osama,
It isn't hard to do,
And no Zarqawi
(He discovered he's a Jew!)
Imagine all those mullahs,
buried under ground...

Imagine Mr. Castro,
like many Cubans try,
locked inside his own jail,
It makes me want to cry
Just thinking of that image,
Sweet and just and true...

Imagine Kim Jong Il,
I wonder if you can,
Losing all his marbles,
in a nuclear weapon ban,
Imagine North Koreans
Finally having food...

You may say Im a dreamer,
But it's easy don't you see,
To imagine life in freedom
And the end to tyranny.

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