Thursday, December 30, 2004

Happy New Year !

I started blogging in July of 2004 because I became frustrated with the mainstream media and began to read dozens of blogs every day. As I read more and more from bloggers in Iraq and elsewhere, I was inspired to try it myself.

I never imagined how much fun it would be or how addictive! I have tried to bring my own special areas of expertise into my blog. There was a lot to learn and early on (and still!) but I discoved that it is very exciting and humbling to have others read and comment on my posts. I am grateful to all the bloggers that have linked to me--large and small. I am grateful for all the comments and email my posts generate

The blogsphere is like a cornucopia of wonderful treats and delights. I was honored (and still am)to have become a member of the Watcher's Council and look forward to continuing my participation there in the new year.

I have put together below a listing of some of my favorite posts of the last six months. It actually serves several uses to do this! One is to have a central place where my favorite pieces are all located, and the other is to introduce to my newer readers some posts I wrote befoe they visited for the first time. I am certainly grateful for all those who take the time to read this blog, whether they agree with me or not--even whether they like me or not! Blogging is a wonderful way to express one's ideas, opinions, thoughts, and emotions. I recommend it to everyone--just be prepared, because in the free market of ideas you will inevitably run into those who won't like yours and have no hesitation in telling you so!

If you have some extra time to read this New Year (e.g., in-between football games) I recommend the following two long pieces: 1) Norman Podhoretz' writes in Commentary Magazine on "World War IV: How it Started, What it Means, and Why We Have to Win"; and 2) this post from Winds of Change, summarizing and analyzing OBL's audiotapes over the last month and what they might mean (hat tip: Papa Ray, from my Comments section).


Now, here are some of my favorites from my own blog. Cheers!

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The Psychopathology of Terrorism, Part I
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The Left's Rainbow Hypocrisy
John Kerry's World
A Short Course on How to Be A Victim
Adult Conversations
That Way Lies Madness

The Psychology of Bush Hatred
The Psychopathology of Terrorism, Part II
The Pirates of the U.N.
A Nuanced Meaning of Tolerance
The Psychiatric Costs of War
Liberal Groupthink
Arafat Burial Suggestion
Best of Dr. Sanity's Election Posts

I Wonder...
Come Back When You Grow Up, Girl
Poor Man, History Has Passed Him By
Polish the Boot
Delicious Blasphemy (The Taliban Rag)

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