Sunday, December 26, 2004

Weekly Insanity Roundup

So many insanities! So little time! Here is the week's roundup of insanities, inanities, popular delusions, and other assorted ridiculous items. The list is obbviously not exclusive, but I am only human and can only deal with so much. Especially at Christmas! Happy Holidays.

1. Proof that "no Muslim could be a terrorist?" Yeah, right.

2. John L. Kerry? (hat tip: LGF) I wonder what the "L" stands for?

3. Kofi Annan, master of the understatement. Ususally I find it particularly difficult to believe anything he says.

4. Bowling for Palestine. Sheeesh.

5. I'm just shocked by this. Who would have thought? It's probably Bush's fault.

6. Unbelievable. It's clear that someone has stolen the brains of the writers and producers anyway. UPDATE: Oh My God! The infection is spreading! Will these people believe anything?

7. The cat came back.... We thought he was a goner!

8. Losing his grip on power? He lost his grip on reality a long time ago.

9. Popular video game....or insidious Communist propaganda tool??? I report, you decide! (via The Corner)

10. Clearly the Martians are more advanced than we thought! But...carwashes?

11. Alaska??? And they still haven't counted the ones in my garage! (As my old boss at NASA used to say, we'll just keep on trying until we get the "right" answer)

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