Sunday, December 05, 2004

Weekly Insanity Roundup

Well, another week has gone by and the insanities just keep rolling along. Here are just a few samples of the totally insane, ridiculous and unbelievable:

1. John Leo takes us Over the Top.

2. Government-sanctioned psychopathy. Isn't that nice?

3. Just plain DUmb.

4. An Unbelievable Obituary.

5. Guess who is totally OPPOSED to corruption? Who'd a thunk it?

6. Oliver is definitely stoned.

7. If Clinton becomes UN Secretary General maybe he can pardon this guy again?

8. The Palestinians really need another murderer as President, don't they?

9. Yes! There is JUSTICE in the world!

10. The mouse that didn't even roar and hardly squeeked.

11. Finally, how could a psychiatrist not mention these poor, traumatized PESTs? ( I mocking them?? Well, yes actually)

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