Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Islam and Women, Again

It really irks me that I don't hear more from women's groups around the world about the status of women in Islamic culture. (see here, if you're interested) Meanwhile, score another point for Islamic misogyny and the enabling concept of cultural relativism. This is what we have come to expect from a religion and a culture that encourages suicide bombers to believe they will be rewarded with 40 virgins in heaven (all they have to offer women suicide bombers is a socially sanctioned escape from the misery of living under the boot of Islamic society).

And for the female apologists for Islamic culture: when you are free to CHOOSE to wear a burqa or veil, and not FORCED, then you will be free. Until then, you are simply deluding yourself. (Similar psychologically to the German Jews who, hiding their Jewish identity or ties, supported the Third Reich--its called "identification with the aggressor)

I have frequently thought that the one good point about Islamic societies is that they are the perfect example of why the concept of "multiculturalism"(every culture is as good as every other culture) is completely ridiculous. Islamic culture is mired in medieval times and promotes medieval thinking: it is not only primitive, it is barbaric. And nowhere is that more obvious than the manner in which women are treated.

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