Monday, December 27, 2004

Choosing Sides

OBL has come out yet again to try to influence an election--this time in Iraq. He's asking Iraqis to "shun 'Infidel' polls". THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Here is my take on OBL's action:

1. Anyone in Iraq who is predisposed to actually believe Bin Laden (“The constitution imposed by the American occupier (Paul) Bremer is blasphemous ... and anyone who takes part in this election consciously and willingly is an infidel.” ) will not vote, thus eliminating any candidates that might lean in Bin Laden's direction.

2. If I know human nature, those who AREN'T predisposed to believe (or believe in) Bin Laden will be ticked off that this non-Iraqi is trying to interfere in THEIR election, and will be MORE likely to vote.

3. OBL actually endorses the murdering Zarqawi as his deputy in Iraq! Any Iraqi with any sense realizes that this scumbag has been murdering Iraqis indiscriminately and basically using the same terror tactics that Saddam used to keep them in line for three decades. Does anyone think they want to go back to those idyllic days? (except, of course, for the moonbats of the world).

4. Once again, OBL shows the world his contempt for the process of freedom and democracy.

Yes, Indeed. It is clear that Osama is desperate. Just as he was when he released the videotape before the US election. He can't actually DO anything, so he must bluster and fatwatise. All he can do is issue videotape messages to the media from his cave.

Tony Blair gets it just right: (from the Weekly Standard, January 3/January10 2005):

Sometimes when I see some of the reporting of what's happening in Iraq in the rest of the world, I just feel that people should understand how precious what has been created here is. And those people from that electoral commission that I described as the heroes fo the new Iraq--every day...a lot of them aren't living in the Green Zone, they've got to trave in from outside. They do not know at any point in time whether they're going to be subject to brutality or intimidation, even death, and yet they carro on doing it. Now what a magnificent example of the human spirit--that's the side we should be on.

Make no mistake about it--this is a battle over whether the human spirit --that yearns for freedom and self-expression in every living soul--will be free at last in Iraq; or enslaved once again--this time by fanatics like Bin Laden and his allies whose only goal is to destroy that spirit.

Which side are you on?

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