Friday, September 11, 2009


It is easy to forget that we are still at war with the people who attacked us that terrible day in 2001. It is not easy to defeat an enemy whose ideology is so unapologetically anti-life, anti-human, and anti-liberty--especially when the easy thing to do is to forget or deny the existential threat they pose to all we hold dear.

There are many in our country who prefer to believe that the Bush Administration was behind 9/11;or that America "deserved" what happened day. In believing these things, those who turn away from the truth have psychologically joined forces with evil; and to this day they facilitate and enable that evil simply because they are too cowardly to face reality.

I am truly thankful that my family and I are able to sleep peaceably in our beds at night because the rough men and women of our brave military continue to stand ready to do violence on our behalf, and are fighting the enemy wherever they may hatch their sick litle plots against us.

Remember that today. And remember what happened eight years ago that finally woke many of us up to the evil.

I try to remember the reality and meaning of 9/11 every day--that is why I continue to leave the tribute up in my sidebar.

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