Saturday, September 05, 2009


I suppose this is just the usual insanity coming from that bizarro organization we know as the UN:
The UN has declared Fidel Castro, the longtime Communist dictator of Cuba, the “World Hero of Solidarity.” Castro killed thousands and thousands of people during his rule, torturing some to death (including a few American citizens), and Cuba remains an oppressive dictatorship even today.

The award was presented to Castro by the President of the UN General Assembly, Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann. Brockmann also successfully lobbied the Obama Administration to demand that Honduras allow the return to power of its ex-president and would-be dictator, Manuel Zelaya. (Two months ago, soldiers acting on orders of Honduras’s Supreme Court arrested Zelaya after he systematically abused his powers. After the Court quite legally declared that Zelaya was no longer president, he was duly replaced by Honduras’s Congress with a civilian, the Congressional Speaker).

The article goes on to note that:
The Obama Administration recently decided to impose sanctions on Honduras, and indicated it will not recognize future democratic elections in Honduras unless Honduras first lets ex-president Zelaya return to power.

Marxism seems to be back in fashion in Washington these days.

Yes, the Obama Administration has definitely ushered in a veritable Marxist fashion revival--these days it's just so coooool to be communist, dude.

Charles Krauthammer has it exactly right: Jones is a "pathetic intellectual anachronism"; and his rise to power in the Obama Administration, in a world where a pathetic organization like the United Nations is given one iota of credibility by any rational being on the planet, just goes to show that the baseline "psychotic paranoia" of the left is becoming mainstream --both nationally and internationally.

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