Monday, September 14, 2009


Mark Steyn yesterday on Obama's "center":
Three stories bubbled up in the last week, although if you read the New York Times and the administration’s other airbrushers you’ll be blissfully unaware of them; the resignation of Van Jones — former (?) Communist and current 9/11 “truther” — from his post as Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar”; the “re-assignment” of Yosi Sergant at the National Endowment for the Arts after he was found to be urging government-funded arts groups to produce “art” in support of Obama policy positions; and, finally, the extraordinary undercover tape from Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website in which officials from ACORN (the Obama chums who’ll be “helping” with the next census) offer advice on how pimps can get government housing loans for brothels employing underage girls from El Salvador.

What do all these Obama associates have in common? I mean, aside from the fact that Glenn Beck played a key role in exposing them. We are assured by the airbrushing media and “moderate” conservatives that Beck is crazy, a frothing spokesnut for the lunatic fringe. By contrast, Van Jones, Yosi Sergant, and ACORN are all members of the lunatic mainstream, embedded philosophically and actually in the heart of Obamaland.

What all these individuals share is a supersized view of the state, from a makework gig coordinating the invention of phony-baloney “green jobs” to Soviet-style government-licensed art in support of heroic government programs to government-funded “community organizers” organizing government funding for jailbait bordellos. Okay, government-funded child prostitution’s a bit of an outlier even for this crowd — for the moment. But you get the general idea.

Yes, some of us got the "general idea" of Barack Obama during the long campaign, despite herculean efforts by him and the media to keep us in the dark about what he really believed. The image that was foisted upon America was carefully cultivated and air-blown so as to remove all blemishes (Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers; all references to his radical past and communist/socialist associations) and to obscure the reality of Barack Obama and everything he actually believes--and hide it under a mask of inflappability and rhetorical ease. He promised to be the one who would lead America into a post-racial epoch; to finally put to rest one of the more glaring contradictions between the documents that laid the foundation for America and its "all men are created equal" rhetoric; and the realities of slavery and racial discrimination.

Instead, he has ruthlessly used race to silence his critics; and his Presidency marks the beginning of a new and glorious age of identity politics, with all the attendant obsession with racial quotas and all other sorts of egalatarian idiocies, that, rather than makes us less conscious of race, make us unable think except in racist terms.

Remember when dissent was "the highest form of patriotism"? It is now a form of racism.

Obama has always been a man of the radical left; a man who deliberately and consciously courted the lunatic fringe of that ideology. Indeed, what he had to offer in that relationship was a chance to make their extremist views more palatable...i.e., more mainstream.

Today, I think it is safe to say that Barack Obama is very much the same person he has always been. It is only America and all it has ever stood for which is changing--and not for the better.

We can thank the Obama's lunatic mainstream for that.

UPDATE: Of course, it's racist to accuse Obama of lying....

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