Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We are in the middle of a war in Afghanistan (you know, the "good war"-hahaha) and our busy little President suddenly can't seem to find any time to formulate a coherent policy or even discuss it with his Generals. But, you've probably noticed that Obama the Wonderful has all the time in the world to lecture our kiddies about their schoolwork; make a full Ginsburg of the TV News shows AND Letterman to pimp his Health Care reform; and to voice his irritation that there is not yet peace in the Middle East (how dare they ignore The One??). Not to mention the enormous amount of time he's wasting denegrating our countryto all the looters at the UN--while proudly pointing to his own "accomplishments" and wonderfulness on climate change. What a guy! A Man for the World.

Many Americans are slowly coming to realize that the only imminent "irreversible catastrophe" is the Obama Administration's plans for transforming America into a third world country. Yes he can.

Even in Europe, they are beginning to wake up to the fact that the Messiah is in over his head.

Cliff May notes:
This is a dangerous game. We blame ourselves for a crisis that may or may not exist: Are we really certain that the world is warming up dangerously, that industrial development is causing it, and that we can “fix the problem” without returning to a 19th-century economy?

Then, we grin as we are criticized by all and sundry.

Meanwhile, those gathered at the U.N. and the media covering them avoid talking about Islamist terrorism, genocide in Darfur, brutal suppression in Iran by a regime that is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons, and similar unfashionable topics.

It’s unreal. Or maybe it’s surreal.

This is not only UNreal, it is aggressively anti-real.

UPDATE: Oh yes, reality is a bitch.

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