Wednesday, January 21, 2009


OK. The fun and games and fake unity of Inauguration Day is over; and we are faced with the fact that

Reality begins to sink in.

And the insanity rampant in some parts of the world that hate America and all it stands for is not simply going to vanish no matter how much talk of 'hope and change' (i.e., appeasement and sucking up to evil) issues forth from the new, improved, progressive (i.e., vindictive and classless) goons in the new Administration.

Did you think things were bad under Bush? Did you think the Constitution was shredded? And that America's civil liberties were destroyed when the Dixie Chicks couldn't make it to No. 1 with their anti-Bush CD ? Goodbye to all that, and prepare to make way for the New America and the New World where peace and love and harmony surely will unfold now that the BusHitler is gone!

Today is the first day of President Obama's journey to the real world. I hope he enjoys the trip...and that we survive it.

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