Thursday, January 08, 2009


Assud the killer bunny has finally achieved a well-deserved martyrdom:
In last Friday episode of Pioneers of Tomorrow, the bunny Assoud was seen dying in a Gaza hospital after being injured in an Israeli attack.

It is a wide-spread belief that Assud the Jew-killing bunny is a direct descendant of the infamous killer rabbit that destroyed so many Christian crusaders in the Muddle Ages. Rare film footage of his brutal attacks was recently discovered in the youtube archives:

There is strong evidence that Israel have in their possession the only weapon that historically has been able to eliminate cute killer bunny thugs:

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Hamas TV uses cute little bunnies (and various other darling puppies,kittens, bumblebees etc. etc.) to preach their message of Jew hatred to Palestinian children--"Shouldn’t we be asking the media why they are characterizing those neighbors as loving puppies and kittens but not talking about their racism, bigotry and genocidal intent?"

Nah...that would be doing something completely different.

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